We've been breeding quality beef since 1989.

Some of the Earth's greatest animals are cattle. At Yancowinna Angus we believe that great beef comes from great land, and the care to produce cattle like Angus through top quality genetics and successful herd management positions Yancowinna as a consistent partner to many Angus farms and farmers.  We aim to produce the best herd to help others achieve their best with their herd. Find out how we can help you.

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Owner Dennis Ginn 0412 317 360

Manager Rob Ewing 0423 960 171

Our aim is to provide structurally sound, easy calving, quiet, fast growing young sires that are balanced in growth, performance and superior carcase traits that are affordable to the commercial producer.
— Robert Ewing, Manager of Yancowinna Angus
The Yancowinna cattle really impressed me with their structural soundness their fleshing, their capacity and evenness of type. Docility is also a major feature of this herd.

The autumn heifers I viewed coming up for sale exhibited an abundance of all the above mentioned qualities. These females are genuine capital stock and represent a wonderful opportunity for anyone to add genuine high quality breeders to their herd.
— Colin Maxwell, Matauri Angus NZ
 Typical Yacowinna APR Female

Typical Yacowinna APR Female


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